I Am Speed

Driving home on a classically crowded Los Angeles freeway, red beads shining into my eyes, my mind wandered miles away from my body. The cars in front of me sped off and I pulled away, my vision becoming a vertigo zoom. All around me lives are moving. People are having children, graduating from university, getting married and receiving modeling contracts from top firms while I do the same thing I've been doing since kindergarten. 

I've voiced this realization to a couple of my close friends and they've all replied the same thing, give or take a few platitudes. "Your life is happening! You're moving to New York!" While New York City is approaching fast (a reflection for another time) and it is quite exciting, it certainly is not the same as bringing life into the world. Where am I? Typing to a blog that I've had since freshman year of high school, which is no major contribution to the world (send my apologies to my fan club and biographer). 

When everyone and everything seems to be moving with superhuman speed to their purpose in life, taking more time feels stagnant and unproductive. And then there are moments like today. Everything moves in slow motion, but you're grateful for it because you can take it all in. Your best friend's dumb joke is just a little bit more funnier than usual.  The sweat down your brow inspires you to be more. A slight breeze reminds you that you're alive. For a moment, it doesn't matter that your legs are killing you, there are bugs everywhere, and you aren't sure if you're taking the right route outside of the forest. The whole day becomes a still of you smiling like a maniac in a really comfortable outfit. 

Hermit Falls fell victim to the Southern California drought. The waterfall was so adorably pathetic that we decided to spare it and not go in. It rendered my American Eagle one piece useless for anything but aesthetics. Airy and loose Ivy Park terry cloth shorts kept me comfy as I struggled up hill after hill. I wish I had such high marks for my Nike Roshes, but their soles left me slipping at every opportunity. Still cute? 

In an effort to evolve my style, I've been resorting to adding more layers, accessories and color. This outfit was a good pause--a slow-motion descent as I continue that journey. This day and this outfit are a pretty reminder that going slow is better than not doing anything at all. The next time I begin to question my path, I'll throw on a white tee and leggings. 

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