I Went Back In Time (But My Outfit Didn't)

Did I ever really share with anyone the experiences I gained in London? Probably not. There's something about them that I find hard to articulate to anyone. Those who were also there will probably get a sense of what I'm saying, but their own perceptions will likely warp them. I'm okay with that. I like having sacred, untouchable memories and feelings. I don't mind that I won't ever get them back. Now, in my childhood home, it almost feels as though I'll never experience anything like it again. But since I'm moving to New York in less than 20 days, I know that it simply isn't true.

As lucky as I am, I got a quick taste of my British life at Universal Studios Hollywood, where they lay out their version of Baker Street in Westminster. The first thing I did? Take a photo with the telephone booth. Before this, I had only done it one time--in Windsor with my good friend. Better late than never!

This day was dedicated to avoiding butterbeer and trying not to be Avada Kedavra'd by little kids in too-big Hogwarts cloaks. I wore a t-shirt dress that I haven't been able to keep off of my body all summer. Around my waist, a chambray shirt that will not be seeing the fall with me (it's mutual, we've discussed it). My ever-trusty Nike Roshes who aren't Nike Theas but that's okay kept my feet connected to my legs. Together, I feel cool. 

My two favorite adjectives to describe an outfit are "effortless" and "deliberate". I'm aware that sometimes I don't dress conventionally and I want everyone around me to be aware of it, too. Another favorite word is: "fun", which is what I think my hair is, with two small buns at the top of my head. Theme parks mean I have an excuse to be silly, don't they?

And while I may have been having severe London flashbacks, I felt very "model off-duty" in this almost athleisure, almost normcore look. All of which doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. 
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