Making Summer Last Forever

Tunic: New Look Tank: Forever 21 Shorts: Vintage Guess Denim Slides: Forever 21 Bag: Steve Madden

There's a photo in my bedroom of a small, screaming me next to my mother and a giant anthropomorphic female mouse. When I say it like that, it's easy to understand why I was so afraid of Minnie. Perhaps my former self was more #woke to Disney's capitalism and near monopolization of children's media. I won't even mention the racial discrimination and the fact that Walt was a Nazi (oops!). Then why is it that nineteen year old me--and every future me that I can fathom--is so obsessed with Disneyland?

I'm going to chalk it up to the hope that is always in my heart (but is completely petrified by anxiety), the thrill of magic, and the incredible technical detail that goes into the rides. I not-so-subtly request that my boyfriend becomes an Imagineer with "Babe, your animatronic could kick that Indiana Jones' ass". 

Disneyland and California Adventure is the ultimate summer getaway for me. I can thank my parents for taking my siblings and I in the summer when school was out. Not only is Disneyland Resort out of my small town, but it's almost in a completely different universe. There are no troubles at Disneyland. I stand by that. 

And since it elicits such a strong emotional high for me, I can always go back to this place and time in my head. There, it's always summer and there are no worries. 

I'm giddy over my outfit today. I'm wearing my favorite shirt: this colorful brocade tunic. The neck rises high to cover my chest and it flows right on over my tummy. On top, this little blue pleated tank added texture to my otherwise flat tunic. Not to mention, two tops layered basically signals to my brain that I don't have to wear a bra! Happy days are here again!

Before I leave the house, I do a pose in my mirror that best demonstrates the outfit's assets. And I completely forgot to do that pose. Because of that, you can't see my vintage light wash Guess shorts and the slightly bohemian looks served. 

My trusty gold slides made my beautiful gold ears a given and lit up the more matte look. I can also picture this outfit with white sandals, but that triggers something NorCal to me and that's so not my goal. 

Problems aren't so big when you remember that it's a small world after all
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