I sat in a park for three hours watching my mother, brother and significant other play Pokemon Go in this very outfit. 

This was before I became addicted myself. Above all of the hype and lacking a nostalgic bone, I read Anton Chekov's Uncle Vanya peacefully under a tree. I long for those days again. Now, I'm obsessed with the game. I name my pokémon after Gilmore Girls characters and I've spent $2 on in-app purchases (which is miniscule compared to the amount I spent on Kim K: Hollywood. Shameful.) 

Last night, I got a total of three hours sleep. I did have a bad day. I was trying not to let anxiety overwhelm me when, out of a near-REM experience, I had a realization: Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are named after Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. I had to confirm it. Peering into my iPhone's bright screen, I was justified and wide awake. During the next few hours, I kept seeing Charmanders in the shadows against my wall, hearing faint "Chansey"s whispered in my ear, and I tried to uncover the name meanings of other pokémon as if I win some sort of prize for doing so. It was agony. 

I like the games, show, and movies enough, but I think it's time for it to stop infiltrating my life. I can't spend another night anxious about Bulbasaur's leech seed. I know that Pokémon Go is helping a lot of people with anxiety, but definitely not me. 

Here's a bit of an homage to the person I was two weeks ago and the outfit that started it all. 

I had been ON in my own brain about wearing this beach cover up as a top for weeks. When you're as boobly as me, it's hard to find a bandeau or bralette that works. I settled for a plain black one and that's where this story ends. 

I exercise minimally, so these neon coral yoga capris were basically brand new at this time. I needed something inconsequential to wear to sit on the grass and these are about as expendable as they are comfy.

Finally, and I can't help but mention this, it was h o t. So sandals were basically my only option. Black with this pink would be a bit too 80s harsh for me and rose gold has become somewhat second nature. The thick straps and the almost ornate lace that hangs on the front and back take me to Ancient Greece on a layover. 

TL;DR: I'm quitting Pokémon Go and grateful that I'm taking Greek Theatre next semester because I'm questioning my own credibility. 
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